…The ensemble with Jonathan Aner, was perfectly matched and it was just amazing.
“Band Journal” Magazine, April 2011 - Shigeki Saeki 

The Brillaner Duo proves itself as a chamber music Dream Team...
Rohrblatt Magazin, March 2011 - Willi Vogl
...The young artists rendered the work's spirit with surprising maturity and deep understanding. Playing with one soul and one breath, their performance was a completely sublime experience.

Giessener Anzeiger

... The Brillaner Duo's performance was brilliant. The two are a superior duo, performing Poulenc's sonata with humor and esprit, yet not overlooking the hidden moments of sorrow. 
Lübecker Nachrichten

... Fascinating mixture of two dazzling artists...

Ensemble Magazin

... They are a couple both onstage and off. No wonder that their playing is so marvelously harmonious...

Berliner Morgenpost

... An utterly wonderful clarinet performance was the centerpiece of the Brillaner Duo's treatment of the "Thema con Variationi" by Jean Françaix.
The clarinetist dove eagerly into the acrobatics of her part, teasing out the quintessential French esprit from this inspired piece.

Giessener Anzeiger

... Brill displayed vitality, endearing charm, and intense lyric expression in her clarinet playing. Moreover, she successfully answered the demanding challenges of emulating the legendary Benny Goodman. Aner emerged as an ensemble pianist with a real presence. Far from remaining in the shadow of a mere accompanist, he recognizably emphasized the characteristic features of these works' highly independent piano parts. The maturity with which these four players performed Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" was much beyond what one would normally expect of such youthful musicians. One could only marvel at their sensitivity in capturing the spirituality of this elusive masterpiece.

The Jerusalem Post

... The two artists have just won the Possehl-Musikpreis - much deserved, as everyone present was able to hear. Brill plays the clarinet with great confidence, sensitivity and wonderful lightness. Even in the softest pianissimo, she demonstrates full control over her sound - which is quite admirable, for example, in the second of the "Four Pieces" by Berg. No phrase is too simple or inconsequential for her to overlook; she plays each one beautifully. A descending scale in the middle section of the Brahms F-Minor Sonata's third movement is simply delightful to experience. In her spirited rendition of Bernstein's Sonata, Brill also hints at the passion resonating within. 
Aner is in no way second to his partner - he is certainly more than just an accompanist. His playing is distinguished by elegance and lightness, and by the precise arrangement of leading and secondary voices. 

Lübecker Nachrichten

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